• Choose custom-made black, white or oak solid timber frames, using sustainable, eco-friendly timber. Our framer is an industry professional, with over 30 years’ experience in providing high end quality frames.

  • Frames (mouldings) are 20 mm wide and 40 mm deep. Over 1 metre wide, the mouldings are 44 mm deep by 26 mm wide face.  The framed print sizes on our website specify the print only size. To ascertain the final size of your framed artwork, just add on another couple of cms each side (4.5 for the large sizes).

  • We use 3mm professional-grade cast acrylic shrinkolite windows, which are crystal clear (clearer than glass). They are 10 times tougher than glass and chemical resistant, as well as lighter and safer than glass. They are 100% the modern way to go!

  • Frames come with a hanging wire attached to the frame. Just unwrap your frame and hang!


  • Our artwork is professionally printed on superior quality fine art photographic paper using archival inks.

  • The large scale printing machine we use is the most superior one around. The quality of our prints surpass many others on the market!

  • Our framed artwork is professionally mounted on acid-free backing board, ensuring your artwork will not fade crinkle, bubble or warp in the frame.

  • Unframed prints will be shipped to you in a heavy duty postal tube, ensuring no damage to your artwork. From the time of your order, there is just a maximum of a 4  business day turn around before your print is sent via courier!

  • When you receive your print in a postal tube, it is a good idea to lie it flat until the paper completely relaxes out, making it easier to frame. A clean carpeted area (where it can't be stood on) or a large table or bench. Handle very gently, lying flat and face upwards. Leave for a couple of hours and it should then relax more and make it easier to frame.

  • For best results for unframed prints that you purchase, you should have a framer mount your artwork on foamcore board, which doesn't cost much, but will ensure it always looks amazing and will not wrinkle. Nothing more annoying than have it sag or get waves in it! This can happen if you buy a print and put it straight into a ready made frame without ensuring it is totally flat and if, for example, your home has evaporative cooling. Moisture in the air can make it wrinkle if not stuck down.

  • With some of our images, we offer you the more option of having white borders (not a mat) as part of the artwork.  We love how it makes particular images really stand out and 'pop'!  Don't worry, adding white borders, won't make your print bigger - the whole print will still be the size you order!


The canvas we use is 80% cotton, 20% polyester. The polyester is added to give greater tension across the image so it doesn't sag over time. 


The stretcher bar is plantation grown pine and is durable, strong and environmentally friendly.


Hopefully, our size guide on our product pages should give you a good indication of how the measurements look, but we are also happy to make recommendations if you send us a photo or video of the room/space you wish to decorate.


We don't charge any extra to help you choose the right size and artwork, and are even happy to source or create something special for you!


Whilst you can purchase ready-made MDF frames from many places, they are not made to last like our custom-made, solid timber frames, but if you are on a budget or like to change your art often, they might be a cheap and practical option for you.

For example, the most common places that stock ready made frames for our sizes are

are Kmart, Spotlight and your local variety store.

(Frame sizes with mat boards taken out)


Spotlight A3 frame (oak look, black or white MDF frame with glass window)


Kmart Oak look A2 Frame (MDF frame with plastic window)

Kmart White A2 Frame (MDF frame with plastic window)

Kmart Black A2 Frame (MDF frame with plastic window)

Spotlight A2 Frame (MDF with glass window)


Kmart A1 frame (MDF frame with plastic window_

Spotlight A1 frame (MDF frame with glass window)

Square Frames:

Spotlight Oak look frame 25x25cm - MDF frame with glass window

Spotlight Oak look 30x30cm frame - MDF frame with glass window

Spotlight White 30x30cm frame - MDF frame with glass window



Spotlight 50x70cm frame (oak look, black, white MDF frame with glass window)

Note: If wanting to leave the mat board in that it comes with, make sure you order the 40x50cm print (with no white border). If the print you are after does not have that listed as an option, send us a message and we will add it on for you!


Spotlight 60x90 frame (oak look, black, white MDF frame with glass window)

Note: If wanting to leave the mat board in that it comes with, make sure you order the 50x70cm print (with no white border)

24x36 inch (61x91.5cm)

Kmart Oak Look 24x36 inch Poster Frame (MDF with plastic window)

Kmart White 24x36 inch Poster Frame (MDF frame with plastic window)

Kmart Black 24x36 inch Poster Frame (MDF frame with plastic window)

Buy your frame first or make sure you contact the retailer to make sure they are in stock. We can't take responsibility if they don't have it in stock or have issues with their sizing.

If you'd like prints for some frames you already have, please send us a message and we can let you know if we can make the design fit into your existing frame.