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Removable Wallpaper for Small Projects

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We have been getting a lot of requests to use our Removable Wallpaper for kid's play kitchen as a splashbacks, doll houses and cubby houses and are now happy to now offer it for your projects!

Any of our designs can be scaled to size, just type in the same of the design you'd like.

If your size is a little smaller than any of our listed sizes, just trim with scissors or a stanley knife.

- Dolls house size 1: 25x25 cm - $30

- Dolls House Size 2: 40x40 cm - $30

- IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen Splashback size: 31 h x 66 w - $30

- Kmart Large Wooden Kitchen Splashback size: 32 h x 69 w $30

- Cubby House Wallpaper 180h x170w size: $220 (order includes 3 panels)

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