On a rare occasion, we may offer or accept a collaboration where an account receives prints in exchange for styling and promotion, mainly on Instagram.


When collaborating, we ask that accounts follow a few basic rules of etiquette:

- Time period is usually for a minimum of 4 months (starting from the first post), though if you would like to include our prints and tag us for longer, that would be great, but is totally up to you!

- Please don't wait 3 months after receiving your print/s before posting anything! We understand that sometimes life is busy, but we'd like to think within a couple of weeks of receiving your print/s, that you'd be able to get something online :)

- During this time, we ask that you only promote Boho Art & Styling and not promote or collaborate with any other print or wallpaper businesses at the same time.

- Please don't tag us alongside our competitors! lol! This industry is brutal!

- Depending on how often your post from your account, a minimum of one post every two weeks is the generally accepted. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out and we can offer some help and ideas.

- We may not share each and every photo you tag us in. We may share in stories or comment, but a lot of home stylists check our tagged photos and will engage with you!

- We sometimes will add filters to our styled photos, so if we use a filter on yours, please don't be offended! :)

If you have any questions or think we might be able to help you with anything, please ask!

A collaboration is an exchange of services that mutually benefit each party, so we look forward to seeing and sharing your content and hope you enjoy your free prints!

Thanks for your interest in our brand! xo


Pro Stylist Tips

- It's a good idea to not put the windows in your picture frames. Windows - whether glass or plastic, reflect really badly and don't usually make for good content.

- Please make sure you that use the right frame with the print size you have chosen. Popping a print in a frame that is too big where there are gaps showing or the print has been creased or frame damaged, looks a bit unprofesh. :)

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