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We have the best quality removable wallpaper on the market - at the best price! Our amazing premium removable wallpaper is a fine, matte fabric (not vinyl/pvc) and extremely easy to install!

Click here to order your project size removable wallpaper for doll's houses, kids' kitchen splashbacks and cubby house!

How many panels do you need?

1 panel covers up to 75cm wide x 250cm high

2 panels cover up to 148cm wide x 250cm high

3 panels cover up to 221cm wide x 250cm high

4 panels cover up to 294cm wide x 250cm high

5 panels cover up to 367cm wide x 250cm high

6 panels cover up to 440cm wide x 250cm high

7 panels cover up to 513 cm wide x 250cm high

8 panels cover up to 586cm wide x 250cm high

Each panel drop is 75 cm wide (maximum) by 250 cm high (standard wall height). If you require additional wall height click here to add it to your cart, or with shorter heights (i.e. if you are doing a half wall) please use the half wall option here.

Each wallpaper order is custom-made just for you and panels are evenly spaced across your wall, meaning you won’t have considerable trimming or uneven panels.

Not sure of colours or the whether your walls are suitable? Get a sample for only $25 (including free shipping)! Just select “order sample” on the wallpaper design. Our designs can be customised in colour AND size - for no extra charge.

* Can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation

* Easy to peel back and re-position

* Can be re-used (just keep the backing rolled up)

* Simply peel and stick – no need for messy glues

* Can be removed without damaging walls (perfect for those renting)

* Suitable for all properly primed painted surfaces

* Just wait 30 days before applying over freshly painted walls to allow paint to gas out.



For shipping of your wallpaper & samples outside of Australia, please contact us to arrange a custom order for you.

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