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We are proud to have the most premium removable wallpaper on the market! Our removable wallpaper is a fine, matte fabric (not vinyl/pvc) and easy to install yourself. It's a peel and stick wallpaper, which means you simply position it on your wall, slowly remove the backing as you smooth it down.

Each wallpaper order is custom made to your wall dimensions. This means that panels will be evenly spaced across your wall, meaning you won't have lots of awkward trimming or uneven panels. You wallpaper will come safely packed in a big tube, with panels numbered in order and with step-by-step instructions. If you would like to see some of our clips on installation, feel free to check our Instagram highlights and reels. We can also recommend installers if you are not comfortable to put it up yourself - just ask!

How many panels do I need?

1. Measure the total width and height of your wall in (mm). Don't forget to include windows and any space above doors. If you require additional wall height over our standard 250 cm click here to add it to your cart, or with shorter heights (i.e. if you are doing a half wall up to 125cm high) please use the half wall option here. You can trim around obstacles, such as angled ceilings, power points, windows or doors during installation with a sharp stanley knife. It is not as difficult as you might think! More detailed information will be in your instruction booklet.

2. Click on the wallpaper design you like, and scroll across to the panel guide / chart. This will tell you how many panels you need to order! If your walls are a bit uneven, it's a good idea to add another approx. 5-10cms on to your total width. Better to have a little extra than not enough.

* Our wallpaper can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation * Easy to peel back and re-position * Non-toxic * Can be re-used (just keep the backing paper) * No need for messy glues * Can be removed without damaging walls * Suitable for all correctly painted and primed surfaces * Not suitable for high condensation areas with poor ventilation * Can be used in bathrooms - as long as well ventilated * For areas that could potentially be splashed, we suggest using a waterproofing spray over your wallpaper as it is not waterproof * Wait at least 30 days before applying over freshly painted walls * For teflon-based paints (such as "wash and wear" paints) we recommend using a good quality primer first, such as Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat before installation. This will ensure correct adhesion/removal and ensure bubbles will not appear. Minimal bubbling has only ever occurred in a *very* small percentage of wash and wear painted walls, but we need to let you know, just in case!

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For shipping outside of Australia, contact us with what exactly it is your need and we can get a shipping quote for you (charged at cost).

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